A Dental Marketing Plan That Fits Your Needs

The Marketing Box is a month-to-month subscription that teaches practices on how to do their own marketing. The strategy behind it comes from years of experience, and all the lessons learned from being a full-service dental marketing agency.

Once a month, you will receive a marketing box containing a list of marketing tasks that need to be executed over the next four weeks. The tasks are based on the overarching marketing strategy designed especially for your practice & will include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Analytics, Reporting, Social Media, and more.

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What’s in a box, actually?

Here are some of the things we will be sending you every month!


Big Results on a Small Budget

Shot a great patient testimonial and need help with editing? Need assistance in designing a logo or a brochure? Don’t have time to start or complete a box? We have your back! Power-ups are exactly what you’re looking for. Here are some of the things the Power-up team can do for you:

  • Edit video testimonials
  • Create video intros and outros
  • Graphic Design & Print collateral
  • Create Google Ads campaigns
  • Create Facebook campaigns
  • Complete your box for you
  • And so much more!
Doing Video Marketing for Dentists

Video Editing

Too many “umm”s, “ahh”s, CEREC machine noises in the background while videos are being recorded? With some B-roll and our rock star editing team, we can fix many of those problems.

Video Editing Power Up

Video Intros & Outros

Add some sizzle to your videos! We will build you an intro and outro worthy of 80’s MTV videos (when music videos were good). This adds polish and brand consistency to your videos.

Dental Marketing Director Using Social Media For Advertising

Graphic Design & Print Collateral

Business Cards – Check
Letter Head – Check
Frenectomy literature – Check

All your dental graphic design and print needs. We got’cha.

Image Of Google Homepage On Computer

Google Ads Campaigns

Do you have unique or challenging marketing you’d like to do? Google Ads is in our thing. We love the data, testing, and watching those calls come in. With this power-up, we’ll take care of it all.


Facebook Home Page Displayed

Facebook Campaigns

Facebook isn’t just for election year misinformation. It’s a great way to promote patient testimonials and new procedures. We’ll build the right audience and deliver your message to the decision-makers (read: Moms and Wives) in your area.

Office Manager Opens Dental Marketing Ideas Box

Complete My Marketing Box

What happened!? This better be because you’re too busy doing dental. Seriously though, we know things happen and we’ll be happy to knock that box out for you. The whole thing… Just this once?

Two People Discussing Dental Marketing Strategies

On Demand Strategy Meeting (1hr)

We all need more time together! This power up lets us spend an additional hour together. We like to get the agenda before hand, this lets us prepare and make good use of our time.

Analyze BatchGeo Data

If you don’t have the time, we are happy to do a monthly BatchGeo data analysis for you. Our marketing experts have years of experience with analyzing BatchGeo. We will quickly be able to help you decide which areas you should be targeting, what you should be looking out for, and how to get the best returns based on your patient data.