How To Set Up Brightlocal

Local SEO refers to how your business appears on Google when someone searches for something in their area. If you were selling products nationwide, you’d care about regular SEO. As a dental practice, what you really want is to rank high locally.

Having a strong local SEO presence is one of the most effective ways to acquire new patients.

BrightLocal integrates all your local SEO tools into a single, reliable platform that has all your bases covered. It gathers all the local SEO data you need, such as organic traffic, maps, and search rankings as well as reports like Google Local audit, competitor benchmark, on-site SEO, and off-site SEO. Integrations with Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter help provide you with a clear picture of where your business is in the social media landscape and what you can do to give your business traction to set a foothold and grow in the realm of social networking.

Why You Need A Strong Local SEO Presence

Local SEO refers to how your business appears on Google and other search engines when someone searches for something in their area. As a dental practice, you want to rank as high as possible in your local area to ensure potential patients searching for a dentist see you first. When someone searches for “dentist near me”, having your business show up on the top of the map results, or in the map-pack, is more valuable to your business than being the first organic result. For everyday searches, the map pack captures between 44-61% of the total clicks.

For that reason, at Pain-Free Dental Marketing, we put a lot of emphasis on local SEO. One of the tools we use for all of our clients is BrightLocal. You can use it to improve your ranking by tracking your rankings, purchasing citations, seeing what profiles your competitors have that you don’t, and much more. BrightLocal is also a fantastic reporting tool that helps you analyze all of your SEO data in one place.

Bonus Value – As a subscriber to The Marketing Box, you get a 30-day trial (the standard offer is 14 days). So be sure to click on the link below when you sign up!

How To Set Up A BrightLocal Account

See the video above for more details on this

  1. Start by clicking on the link above to begin your 30-day trial. That will give you a chance to test out the tool. After that, we recommend the $29/month subscription. 
  2. Create a profile using the practice contact info and an email address.
  3. Choose the appropriate practice type (single location vs multi-location). If you own multiple dental offices but they are branded differently, choose “single location”. If all locations are branded the same, choose “multi-location”.
  4. If you already have access to your Google listing, you can import your settings. If you are not sure, you can also enter the information manually.
  5. Search for your practice, if you can’t find it by name at first, enter the city name as well to help with the search.
  6. Update all of your information to be as precise as possible. It is critical that you get this step correctly since Brightlocal will publish this information to many other places on the internet. Double-check Suite number, address abbreviations (such as st vs street, Ave vs Avenue, etc), phone number, and business type. 
  7. The reports take 15-30 mins to build.
  8. Once the reports are built, we recommend you spend a few minutes customizing them.

In the third Marketing Box, we will show you how to review your BrightLocal results in detail. This will allow for enough time to pass for the software to collect data.

That’s all Folks!