How To Get More Reviews With Swell CX

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Get more reviews

Positive online reviews from existing patients are as valuable as gold in the dental marketing world. You can influence your online reputation with organic content and staff spotlights, but nothing speaks as loud as having actual patients advocating for your office and the work you do. Just as you would read reviews before buying a product, in the competitive dental market, potential patients are more likely to visit your dental office if it has a “positive reputation” online. The best way to achieve this positive reputation is by having your patients join the conversation.

Swell is a marketing tool that we use for most of our dental practices. Swell acts as an automated growth platform and reputation management software that helps you harness the power of patient engagement and feedback. In short, Swell helps you get more reviews. Swell collects review scores from social platforms, such as Google, and displays them to you on an “all in one” dashboard. Swell helps you gain insight into customer experience via real-time feedback, satisfaction surveys, online reviews, and net promoter scores. This gives you a great overview of how you’re performing as a practice based on patient feedback. Using this information can improve the patient experience, boost your online reputation, and search engine rankings.

Best of all? It’s super easy to set up and use. So let’s dive in!

The Benefits of Swell

  • Improved Interaction and Customer Service. Create meaningful interactions with customers through text, email, and more. The best way to show your patients you care is by keeping them informed every step of the way. Communicating with your patients beyond calls from the front desk is a great way to stay engaged with existing patients.
  • Settling customer complaints. The best way to deal with a complaint is to address it as soon as possible. Swell allows you to quickly respond to reviews as they come in and, in the case of a bad review, you can address it before it affects your company image. In a blog post on our company website, we spoke about how to respond to a negative review. If you haven’t had a look, be sure to do so.
  • Understand your patients. Learn how customers feel through reviews and surveys. Address issues and improve your practice. The Swell Review and Survey tools will help you better understand your patients experiences and provide you with information on how to improve. Feedback from patients should always be welcomed.
  • Get more reviews and leverage a good online presence. Online feedback fuels a better reputation, provides higher SEO rankings, and results in new patients. The better your reviews, the more trustworthy you will seem to potential patients. 

The Key Features Of Swell

  • Swell Message – Keeping track of all your texts, webchat, and Facebook messages can be a difficult job. The last thing you want is missing conversion opportunities by dropping the ball when it comes to replying to potential patients. Swell brings text, WebChat, and Facebook messages to one place so your dental office can reply in a timely manner and not miss the opportunity to respond to patients. Bulk text sends, automatic messaging, and contact management are just some of the nifty features included in the Swell message tool. The messaging tool is also an excellent way to text message your patients a review invite. This way you don’t need to go around begging people for reviews.
  • Swell WebChat – This is an online chat tool that can be incorporated into your website. When adding a chat window to your website, existing or potential patients can send you a message directly from your website with just the click of a button. Best of all? You don’t need any coding experience to incorporate this tool into your website. 

  • Swell Review – Swell will help you get more reviews automatically by inviting existing patients to leave Google reviews via customizable automated text messages. This feature will also help you categorize and respond to online reviews as they are submitted. Remember, whether a review is good or bad, you need to respond to it to show that you are engaged with your patients. This shows potential patients that you care about feedback and improving your dental practice.

  • Swell Survey – Want to know how a patient’s last experience was at your dental practice? With Swell, you can send text-based surveys to get the inside scoop straight from the source. This is probably one of the most vital sources of information, as you can customize your questions to gain real insights about what you could improve or what you should keep doing.

  • Swell Pay – Calling a patient to remind them of outstanding payments can be awkward. With Swell, it doesn’t need to be. The Swell software allows you to send payment reminders and get paid faster than you can say implant. It works by sending a link via a secure “Invoice text” then patients can click on that link and pay via ACH, credit or debit card, or mobile payment options, such as ApplePay® or Google Pay®.

  • Swell Insight – Finally, Swell, similar to what you see with Google Analytics, will provide you with a powerful, at-a-glance report across all aspects of the company’s brand. The challenge with having deep, meaningful engagement with thousands of customers, is making sense of all the data. With tons of survey responses, messages, and feedback, where should you focus your attention? Swell Insight helps you cut through the noise by giving you the most important information, at a glance, so you can act. Swell Insight is built into every part of the Swell app, so, whether you’re using Swell Message, Swell Review or anything Swell offers, you get the data you need fast.

How To Subscribe To Swell And Get Set Up

Swell allows you to try out their software free for 30 Days. Here is a link to sign up. In the top right corner, you will see “Free Demo”. Click on this and book your 30-minute onboarding appointment. Once the trial is over you can choose between a monthly or annual subscription plan. We recommend you select the annual subscription as it saves you money in the long run. If you have multiple dental offices, you can also contact Swell to discuss volume pricing.

Here are some questions you should ask when meeting with one of the Swell representatives:

  • How do I add my dental office to this account?
  • How do I integrate my Facebook and Google Business accounts with Swell?
  • How do I create my first survey to send to patients?
  • How do I set up automated “review your experience” texts?
  • How can I set up Swell Pay and Payment reminders?
  • How can I set up Swell Webchat for my website?

To summarize, Swell allows you to get more reviews, conveniently engage with patients, and uses your reputation to promote your local business online. Swell will assist your dental office to provide improved customer service by giving you multiple tools to better engage with and understand your existing and potential patients. Finally, by improving your online reputation, Swell also helps to give you more visibility in local searches. Better customer service combined with a good online reputation = Increased Patient Acquisition. It’s that simple.

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