How To Define What Makes Your Practice Unique

Understanding your practice’s uniqueness is an important factor in marketing. For example, let’s say your practice were to close tomorrow and your patients had to find a new dentist, what would your patients miss most about your practice? Would they find this at a new office? Typical areas where practices differ tend to be cost/quality, patient experience, new technology, and reputation.

What makes your practice unique is going to be one of the key selling points of your marketing strategy. As a dental marketing agency, who has worked with every type of dental practice, we hear a lot of the same answers when we ask doctors how they “do dentistry differently.” Their answers usually fall somewhere between “we treat our patients like family” and “we provide the highest quality of treatment”. Although these answers are certainly not wrong, and we do believe they focus on these points, these answers are what you would expect from any dentist and not information that can be used strategically to better your marketing efforts.

To truly understand how you can “do dentistry differently” it is important to identify what makes your practice unique and this means knowing your Unique Selling Point. Your unique selling point is what you can utilize strategically in your marketing to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Say for example you… 

  • offer a special program for pediatric patients under the age of 3, 
  • you offer one free retainer for orthodontic patients that lose or break theirs after treatment, 
  • you may be a dentist that prides themselves in taking multiple continuing education courses, 
  • or you may offer amazing amenities at your office for your patients that are in treatment or waiting,

…whatever it is, there is something unique about you that you can use as a key selling point for your practice. Keep in mind that identifying your Unique Selling Point should not be something you decide on within a few minutes. To truly understand your USP you will need to take some time to do a local market analysis and determine what your competitors are doing, and what “differentiating value” you can provide your patients. As a newly empowered DIY dental marketer, you must become the patient and think how they would. Click here to fill out a survey so that we can help you figure out what makes your practice unique.