How To Advertise On Nextdoor

As a local service provider, you need to get in front of your local customer base to ensure patient conversions. How do you do this? You need to advertise on Nextdoor! Nextdoor is a social media platform for neighbors to “chit chat” about everything from, who the new neighbor on the block is to who’s […]

Advertise on Nextdoor

As a local service provider, you need to get in front of your local customer base to ensure patient conversions. How do you do this? You need to advertise on Nextdoor! Nextdoor is a social media platform for neighbors to “chit chat” about everything from, who the new neighbor on the block is to who’s the best dental practice in town. It’s become a hub for social interaction and, most importantly, the users on this platform are real people in your neighborhood. Many users find this platform as one of trust, so if they see your name on there, it bodes well for you!

Why You Should Advertise On Nextdoor

When you advertise on Nextdoor it helps you cut through the online noise and get in front of real, local neighbors who actually need [and are looking for] your services. As a result, you know your advertising efforts are going to be seen by those who are most likely to convert into new patients.

So, get excited, because, in this task, we are going to show you how to advertise on Nextdoor! We are also going to help you better understand the platform and what you should know to be the neighborhood favorite. #Fav

The Benefits Of Advertising On Nextdoor

  • Nextdoor is for real people, not robots. One of the major issues on social media platforms these days is “bots”. Bots are fake accounts that are not real users, but, instead, use social media platforms to promote other services. This is not the case on Nextdoor. With Nextdoor, users need to be verified before they can join the platform. Nextdoor members are also primarily homeowners and renters. This means you are targeting a demographic that can afford your services.
  • Nextdoor provides high-quality content. This social platform discourages any blatant promotion or bullying. Most of the posts are from real people who are either asking for advice or offering it. The platform also has “neighborhood managers” who review content and delete it if necessary.
  • Nextdoor is hyper-local. Every user on Nextdoor is verified based on their postal code before they can use the service. As a dental practice, this guarantees you that the people you reach via advertising on Nextdoor are actually in your area. That means you’re guaranteed to reach your target audience!

How To Advertise On Nextdoor

  1. To advertise on Nextdoor, you will first need to claim your business by going to their “Claim Your Business for Free Page”. Select that you are a “Professional Business”. Click “Sign Up”. Fill in all the necessary details and “Create Business Page”. If you already have an account for your dental practice, simply go to to “Log In”.
  1. Once you’ve logged in, navigate to “Content” which you will find in the left side menu.
  1. Next, click on the green plus symbol that says “Create Post or Local Deal”. Because we are going to advertise, we are going to select “Offer Local Deal”. You can also create a limited number of posts for free which will help with exposure. Be sure to use those posts to promote your dental office to the community.
  1. A pop-up screen will now ask you what type of deal you would like to offer. You are presented with 4 options and each provides different ad options. Whether you are running a fixed discount on general cleanings or a “Percent Off” offer on teeth whitening kits, you need to decide which deal you want to go with. For this example, we are going to go with “Custom Deal”. This allows you to just run a regular ad without a discount or special offer. Click on “Custom Deal”.
  1. Next, we will begin to create the actual ad. Start by entering a title for your ad. It is important to remember that this ad will only be shown in your local community so you need to think of a title that will capture your local demographic. The same goes for the description of your ad. For the description, you also want to keep the text as short as possible, and only mention the most necessary and appealing factors. Keep your description below 100 characters and communicate your “unique selling point”. Why should your local community come to your office and not the one down the road? What services are you offering that they don’t? What specials are you running that provides potential patients a better deal? These are the type of questions you need to ask yourself while thinking of what to include in the ad.
  1. Decide the “Duration” of your ad. We recommend a minimum of 7 days, as less days will not allow you to achieve the results you want. If, however, you are running a “One Day Only Special”, you need to select “Custom” and set the ad duration accordingly.
  1. For “deal type” you must select “In-person” as potential patients will need to visit your dental practice to receive the service you are advertising. 
  1. Next, you will need to choose the “Primary button” users will see on your ad. This will be the “Call to Action” button. Because we want to make the phone ring for this box, we are going to select “Call Business”. If, however, you run more ads in the future, or would like to select a different option now, feel free to do so. Email is also a great call-to-action button if you think a call button might not be a good fit for your neighborhood. 
  1. Check to make sure that your phone number is entered correctly. This will be the number users will dial when clicking on your ad. If you decided to go with an email button, the same applies. Make sure the contact information you provide is accurate.
  1. At the very bottom, you also have the option to “Add a Redemption Code” or “Terms and Conditions” to your ad. The Terms and Conditions are especially useful if you are running “Buy One, Get One Free” ads or a special offer that could be exploited if you do not stipulate terms such as “The buy one get one free offer only applies to your first purchase, every teeth whitening kit thereafter will be priced as usual.” Once you are ready, click the green “Next” button in the right bottom corner.
  1. Now it’s time to upload a picture potential patients will see on your Nextdoor ad. It is very important to use a high-quality picture. Luckily you hired a professional photographer for Task 6 of this box, which means you should have a few incredible pictures of your dental office, staff, and services. If you have not yet hired a photographer, you can use the stock photography folder we provided you with in Box 2. It is important to know that your rate of success increases by over 100% when you use organic content to advertise, which is why we encourage you to not use stock photography. Once you are happy with the image you have selected, click “Next”.
  1. Next, preview your ad to see what looks like to potential patients. It is important to get a second opinion before you go ahead with posting. Ask fellow staff members or family members what they think of the ad. This might help you see something you would not have otherwise seen. Never be afraid to ask for help! Click “Next”.
  1. Select your audience. Adjust the area size and also get an estimate of how many “neighbors” will see your ad. This will also provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost to run an ad in that area for the duration you have selected. It is important to once again use BatchGeo to see exactly where you are drawing in the most patients and where there is potential for new patients. As you adjust the area size, the price will also change. You can also click on the “Near my business” search bar to select specific zip codes. You can also click on the neighborhoods drop-down list and deselect which neighborhoods you don’t want to advertise in. This is a great feature since allows you to implement strategic marketing, and you know how much we love making strategically targeted marketing decisions! Click “Next”.
  1. The final step is to “add your payment method” and “submit order”.

And that’s it! Be sure to watch the video tutorial of this task too as it provides some extra insights from the 5:55 minute mark for how to advertise on Nextdoor

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